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For every purchase made, another bag is given to an impoverished school kid in the Philippines.

Through Bag of Dreams Project, every month we adopt beneficiary public schools of our bag drives as our business commitment to give one bag to impoverished school kids in the Philippines in every purchase made by our customers.

Giving of school bags is a practical solution to a tangible problem that a lot of kids still go to school without decent bags or a bags at all, specially in the rural communities across the country. We want to inculcate in their minds the importance of education and empower these poor Filipino school children to continue pursuing education and go for their dreams despite challenges of poverty.

The project is also symbolic of how the company wants to honor God and serve the Philippines, to CHAMPION EDUCATION for the underprivileged school children by giving bags, awarding scholarships, building classrooms, providing books and hiring qualified unemployed school teachers, all through the generosity of our givers(customers), partners and volunteers.

To date, we have given over 7,500 school bags to school children in 36 adopted schools cross the Philippines, and still counting.

How We Do It

Our team of dedicated volunteers goes out of the way by physically being present in our adopted communities in every Bag of Dreams Project community drive. It is not only important that we give, how we give is much more significant. We follow a standard procedure to make sure we impart the value of giving and the culture of generosity into the young minds and hearts of the children through our program and activities.

To promote the culture of generosity is our objective, and to create a meaningful experience both for the  beneficiary kid and the giver is ultimately our goal.

After every bag drive, our project team sends an email to the giver-buyer with updates of the community event, including a picture of a kid who benefited from his purchase. We also provide biographical information of the kid like his age, grade, name of his school and his dream when he grows up.

The bag of the kid on the other hand has a name tag that bears the name of the giver. Although the kid may not be able to meet his giver personally, he will remember not only his name, but most importantly his act of kindness. He will never forget that somebody  somewhere thought about him, of giving him a nice school bag so that he can be inspired to go to school.

As the giver-buyer walks everyday using his bag, he’ll realize that a kid somewhere in the Philippines is also walking inspired even in a beaten path, trying to accomplish his big dreams.