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Diversity - Peace

Diversity Bag

Diversity Bag


For a generation that embraces change and celebrates diversity, this is a unique and fashion forward backpack with multi-functional features built with premium quality materials.
It is designed to adapt to the resilient lifestyle and diverse personality of today’s generation.
If you are a professional, a student, a fashionista or somebody who loves to travel, this Diversity bag is perfect for you!

Weight: 1.1kg/2.4 lbs/38.8 oz/1,100g
Volume: 21 liters
Height: 17.5 inches
Width: 13 inches
Fit: One Size
Fabric: Cobi Diamond Rubberized Nylon, Rips Top Diamond & Soft Satin

Unique Features:

  • Changeable cover face and accessories
  • Hood and cover designed for rainy season
  • Functional compartments to organize your gadgets
  • Double protection thick padded laptop sleeve
  • Detachable pouch use as a phone case or coin purse
  • Hidden pocket at the back to secure your valuables
  • Sturdy and not easy yo tear continuous back strap
  • Cable hole so you can enjoy listening music while your
    phone and ipad are secured inside
  • Side pockets for bottled drink to keep you hydrated
    anytime of the day.

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